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6 years old-15 years old

Our classes combine all the elements of pole fitness and are based around the movement of the vertical pole. You do not have to be a gymnastic to start our classes or be able to lift your own body weight. Our classes will cover the most important fundamentals and safety of each aspect of the pole. During each session, you'll improve your muscular endurance, core strength, coordination, and flexibility.


We have a mix of stainless steel poles(for anyone who suffers from nickel allergy), chrome and powder coated. We used the leading provider of poles in the world, X-POLE.

Students will have fun while developing their spatial awareness, coordination, as well as core strength and flexibility. We focus on well-structured classes following our own syllabus, which contains more than a 1000 moves.

As we do not allow pay as you go students, this ensures your child receives the best lessons each week, which will focus on their progression.

During each term, your child will have a mix of strength building, static holds and dynamic holds, inverts, flexibility within different moves, cardio and routine building.

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