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6 years old - 15 years old

What is Aerial Silks?

Aerial Silks is one of the most popular aerial disciplines as it requires a high degree of strength, power, flexibility, courage, stamina and grace to practice.

You will learn different climbs, wrap your body in beautiful and elegant poses where the silk is positioned around different body parts, or for the more advanced student, you will learn drops. In a drop, you will wrap yourself within the silks before falling to a lower position.


We have 9 rigging points. 6 rigging pints are 4.5 metres high and 3 rigging points are 6metres



Sports Bra (If needed)

Vest top or long sleeved top

Students will have fun while developing their spatial awareness, coordination, as well as core strength and flexibility. We focus on well-structured classes following our own syllabus, which contains more than a 1000 moves.

As we do not allow pay as you go students, this ensures your child receives the best lessons each week, which will focus on their progression.

During each term, your child will have a mix of strength building, static holds and dynamic holds, inverts, flexibility within different moves, cardio and routine building.

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