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Swinging Performer


6 years old - 15 years old

A trapeze is a horizontal bar that is hung by ropes from either one or two rig points.

It is an aerial apparatus commonly found in circus performances. Trapeze acts can be static, spinning, swinging, or flying, and may be performed solo or multiple acts.

Here at Pole Attack, we perform static or spinning trapeze, which is either known as 'static trapeze' or 'dance trapeze'.

Static trapeze is rigged at two points with horizontal ropes extending to the ceiling support

Dance trapeze (also known as single-point trapeze) refers to a trapeze commonly used in aerial dance. The ropes of the trapeze are both attached to a single swivel, allowing the trapeze to spin easily.


You wear comfortable-fitting clothing that covers the armpits and knees. Leggings or yoga pants are a great choice for your legs.  

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