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6 years old - 15 years old

What is Aerial Sling

The ‘Aerial Sling’ is created by a hammock/loop at the bottom of the fabric and it is rigged to one point, unlike aerial yoga which is rigged at two points.

You perform elegant poses, acrobatic shapes, inverts, drops and beautiful transitions within and around the fabric. You would see aerial sling being performed at the circus and it has similarities to trapeze and aerial silks.


It exercises the whole body and you will work on your:

Core, flexibility, stamina, balance, coordination, strength and dance-like movements as you execute your moves in a sequence - something which sets it apart from the similar Aerial Silks apparatus.

We have 9 rigging points. 6 rigging pints are 4.5 metres high and 3 rigging points are 6metres



Sports Bra (If needed)

Vest top or long sleeved top

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